About Us

About Us

Dr. Maysa Traboulsi

Dr. Maysa Traboulsi is the owner and founder of the International Academy of Nutrition and Health. She holds a BA in Nutrition and Meal Planning, a MA in Nutrition and Public Health, and a PhD in Nutrition and Health. She practices her profession in her private clinic, in addition to being a lecturer at the Lebanese University since 2010 and the Lebanese International University. She is the founder and head of the Nutrition Department at Dar Al-Zahra Hospital. She has scientific research published in international journals and participates in international conferences.

Our vision 

The International Academy of Nutrition and Health was established by Dr. Maysa Traboulsi, clinical and therapeutic nutrition expert, to make this academy a gateway to continuing education with the latest means wherever the student is in the world. Our guidance in this educational edifice is for all those interested and specialists in the field of health, medicine and nutrition, as we put in your hands courses and training in this field for more experience and correct knowledge with accredited certificates.

Lecturer's specialty

Field: Clinical Nutritional Therapy



Scientific Certificates

Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

MSc in Nutrition and Public Health

PhD in Nutrition and Health


Diet to lose weight

Diet for athletes

Diet for vegetarians

Diet to strengthen immunity

Diet to gain weight

Diet for breastfeeding or pregnant women

Keto Diet

Diet for cancer patients